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5/7/2021 12:00:00 AM  Mike Moore 

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City Center Allentown is donating $7,000 for city youth to obtain their lifeguard certification to work at Allentown municipal swimming pools.
Mayor Ray O’Connell accepted a check this morning from City Center Allentown President & Cofounder J.B. Reilly during a ceremony in City Council Chambers where he was joined by City Councilpersons Candida Affa, Daryl Hendricks, Joshua Siegel and Ed Zucal.
“This contribution removes any barriers standing in the way of city youth trying to earn their certification and get a job this summer, said O’Connell. “This initiative increases the number of Allentown residents that we can hire, regardless of their economic situation. We know there are amazing teenagers in the city, and we want them to have every opportunity to earn their lifeguard certification and work at our pools.”
The city is looking to hire lifeguards at Cedar Beach and Mack pools which open on Saturday, June 19.
The contribution pays for a $200 Red Cross lifeguard certification course and $50 mandatory background checks for the successful applicants.
“At City Center, we feel we can have the biggest impact by concentrating our giving in downtown Allentown,” said Reilly. “What better way to help the community than removing any barriers that may be in the way of a young person getting a summer job. We are proud to cover the cost of lifeguard training and look forward to the city pools being open this summer.”
O’Connell added, “City Center and J.B. are tremendous partners. This donation is an extension of their Building Community initiative that aims to revitalize the downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods into a sustainable, vibrant urban community.”
City Center Investment Corporation gave more than $3.8 million to more than 75 organizations last year, for a 3-year total of more than $13 million donated.
Twenty-five City Center employees volunteer at approximately 45 organizations, donating around 2,000 total hours each year.